Step back in time and indulge in a unique blend of modern amenities and vintage decor.  The Orleans Hotel was completed in 1930.   The original blue prints included another story on top and many more luxuries however the Great Depression likely suppressed those plans into what stands today. It was originally planned to have 40 sleeping room but was scaled back to 30.  During previous ownership some of those rooms have been converted to suites, common shower/bathrooms, and storage.  Currently we boast 20 total rooms with a sleeping capacity of approximately 50 people. The building is structurally sound inside and out, but  it’s the inside that takes your breath away.  We're certain that you have not seen this much woodwork, hardwood floors and beautiful staircases in one place in a long time, especially in its original condition. Even though the hotel has been in continuous operation for nearly a century, it still feels practically untouched.  Book your stay today and discover the perfect retreat for history enthusiasts, lake goers and nature lovers alike.